Throughout the Western world, there are many who have adopted the Eastern practice of taoism, as an alternative to Christianity.
Many are atheists. Many are emotion-driven. Many are politically-motivated. Most of these lean heavily to the left.
Thus by-passing the most fundamental tenet of taoism: It is all about Balance.

To call yourself a "taoist" carries a responsibility.
To not misrepresent an ancient "Way" to suit one's own ego, or political stance.
There being, so many, so guilty of this, is the sole reason for the existence of this site.

Claiming to be something, requires you to be what you claim to be.
Not merely to claim it.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Not a display.

Humility, like charity, is not something one displays.
If either is displayed, it is only an appearance of what is not present.

Taoism is: what is.
Taoism is not: the display of what is not.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Not Science.

Science appears, on the face of it, to be a good thing.
But it is no replacement for spirituality.

Science takes a thing, measures it, manipulates it, 'understands it, and exploits it.
This process, more often than not, results in the destruction of whatever science is applied to.
Whereas spirituality appreciates a thing, for whatever a thing is, perceives it, makes use of it, without destroying it, in the process.

Science seeks, always, to 'understand'.  And of what use is 'understanding'?
Once a thing is labeled, 'understood', put in a box, and organized, what is that thing, then?
Its life, its magic, its uniqueness, has been taken from it, and it is, henceforth, taken for granted; used up.

Spirituality makes-use-of.
Science uses-up.
The former reveres, appreciates, and benefits-from.
The latter demeans, diminishes, and destroys.

Science is a useful tool, to be used when the task at hand calls for it.
It is not the only tool in the toolbox.

Taoism is: Spirituality.
Taoism is not: Science.

Saturday, April 7, 2012


When a man knows his worth, it looks like ego to the worthless. 
Ego is the portrayal of worth, in place of the worth, itself. 

Taoism is: becoming worthy. 
Taoism is not: the portrayal of worth. 

Thursday, February 9, 2012


Are you content?
If not, why not?
You could be!

The ability to be content is crucial to contentedness.
Without the ability, there can be no result.

A champion high-jumper didn't start out being one.
He practiced, hard and often, towards his goal.
Higher and higher. With more and more ease.
Until he was what he wished to be.

Are you someone who can be content?
If you're not, you will never be.

Taoism is: Contentedness.
Taoism is not: The appearance of content.

Thursday, February 2, 2012


Want to feel better?
Stop comparing this to that, now to then, what is, to what could be.
Stop wanting to feel better.
And you will.

As long as you are not looking forward, or back, you will not be comparing, and thus feeling disappointed.
Stop your judging, and everything will have its value. The value of something exists solely in your belief in the value of that something. Do you value the moment you are presently inhabiting? Or are you comparing it to a hypothetical better moment? One you remember, or one you would prefer?

Set comparisons aside. What use are they?
Do your best in the present moment, and your present moment becomes the best moment possible.
There will be other moments, as there have been other moments.
All moments led to this moment.
This moment leads to all others.
But for now:
This is the only moment you may live.

Give it your best!

Taoism is: Non-comparison.
Taoism is not: Comparing the one, to the other.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Not Rejection.

Taoism can be reduced to its simplest premise: 'It is what it is'.
Seeing life in this way, is to see it for what it is, and nothing more, or less.
The mind may judge a thing as 'good', or as 'bad'.
Suspend the mind, and the thing becomes what it always was: what it is.
Things, events, situations, experiences: all are what they are.
The mind rejects anything it decides is 'bad', and it does this frequently.
Thus it isolates itself from life. Separate and apart.
Put the mind to bed, and life becomes a magical, mystical event, and one that can be fully lived.

Taoism is: Non-rejection of any facet of existence.
Taoism is not: Rejection of the 'uncomfortable', the 'inconvenient', the 'bad'.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Not Wisdom.

Wisdom is what you can get, when you couldn't get what you really wanted.
It isn't something that waits for you to find it.
It isn't, in fact, anything at all.
Tasteless, odorless, colorless, formless. What is it, anyway?
An accident that may befall even the most careful.
Accidents may sometimes be beneficial.
Taoism is: wisdomless.
Taoism is not: a search for wisdom.