Throughout the Western world, there are many who have adopted the Eastern practice of taoism, as an alternative to Christianity.
Many are atheists. Many are emotion-driven. Many are politically-motivated. Most of these lean heavily to the left.
Thus by-passing the most fundamental tenet of taoism: It is all about Balance.

To call yourself a "taoist" carries a responsibility.
To not misrepresent an ancient "Way" to suit one's own ego, or political stance.
There being, so many, so guilty of this, is the sole reason for the existence of this site.

Claiming to be something, requires you to be what you claim to be.
Not merely to claim it.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Not a display.

Humility, like charity, is not something one displays.
If either is displayed, it is only an appearance of what is not present.

Taoism is: what is.
Taoism is not: the display of what is not.

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